Customs and traditions in Copalnic Mănăştur

Daily waste too alert in cities, step into the center of the village. Authentic Life here – living archaic rhythms and rituals village - have rediscovered (under bark history and things aging), reaching a core idiom still feeds, customs and celebrations area. Far from the bustle of crowded cities, people from lands near and on the Plateau Valley Cavnic Preluci cadenţează their ancient calendar life rhythm, to celebrate and agricultural habits ... We invite you to walk with us at this rate ...

Old Lady of Preluca



On holidays, locals still wear traditional clothing, as a sign that they belong to an ancient world that still lives with her. Although simple, Chioar type of clothing is marked with various reasons and magic symbols, sewn and embroidered, almost hidden from the untrained eye. Even though today only their shape is preserved, decorative gliding, archaic reasons on shirts and vests requires a different kind of interpretation that finds echoes only mythical and magical world of ancient beliefs.

Moments ritual of crossing "thresholds" of becoming, from cradle to copârşeu, are strictly. Birth, Baptism, wedding and funeral are important moments in the life of local people, the whole being of the community with the passing of each person vibrates at a different stage. As a huge creature, blowing across the borders reborn with every child he sees the light of day here, is found entirely in the wedding ceremony and goes slightly with each "spoil" - as they call it here funeral, as I accompany someone to the border and then I spend the latter look like cut through tall grass ...

Ages of

Here, between foreign, year's age has never flows rather uniformly over the hills and valleys. Fragil ca un prunc, born in midwinter, year needs people's help. Therefore, villagers gather to "dawdle" year in the New Year ceremonies ... Goat, Pluguşorul, Sorcova are some of the habits that come here start the new year opens for spring and life, with the rebirth of nature. Maypole that I make people wear, as a rod of an old god, radiates warmth and life of humans and animals that share, and spring rests in him and goes up the hills. Here, villagers bring their flocks, taking every spring "Măsurişul sheep" - old habit forming for summer sheepfolds, Their Purification and measurement of milk, each household to determine the milking sheep milk over year. As if to temper somewhat the forces of nature and the universe to order at the beginning of spring, Keep in villages Chioar strictly "Lent", period of recollection and reliving of the Passion, Initiative road to recovery from death to life. In the 40 days after, the hindrance of food and celebrations, people found little by little, flesh forgetting things, sensing core and purpose of earthly life. And on the night of the Resurrection, villagers carry their hands carefully light, and the light penetrates the people as a boon, as a promise of life to come ... Summer is the season of maturity, full of strength, a hard road to rod. Therefore, people gather in "group work", helping one another in field works. Sewing, hay, la Sapa, people gather in meltdowns, trying to look for work weight alone, leaning neighbors as brothers. It's one of the moments that pulsating community as one body and connections between people are becoming closer. In Autumn, year to ripen and give, serious Roade, leans back to people ... And people who relieves, as a traveler you already passed the afternoon of life, the load of colors and berries and smells. After being picked fruit, people are preparing to spend the year. Follow "Advent", a time of old age, remembering the young age of mankind. Common border between, time is extended, making room carols and peace of heaven that is closer to the ground. The Christmas Night, villagers wander each other, heralding the birth of Christ and the promise of a renewed time. Children go from house to house by Apple and coils, carrying with them the fruit on last year. In heaven's peace, between the border is quiet winter, This is our un STA nască ...


For people here, not only kinship and neighborhood make them manifest together in the great spectacle of life. One of the old ways of the earth is "Fărtăţia" - ritual originates, Lost in the mists of the times, Blood Brothers. Young people are linking her to be "fart" and help throughout life. Sometimes, these fărtăţii, unite people more than kinship, and i do to keep vows above the obstacles of everyday life (insertion sequences - sound of shooting).

Some holidays calendar cycle can be captured in the current manifestation scenes, form of festivals, games and fairs. So, Copalnic common Mănăştur, offers tourists a year more folkloric events designed to present and share these values ​​with guests villages. One such moment is "Playing with Cosarca", in which villagers gather as one big family, dividing and food and drink in a single table, as to restore from time to time links between them. (Insert any voice from New Preluca). Large scale is the "game between the borders", event that brings together the plate for processing the common folk and the surrounding. Also, Commune Festival Copalnic Mănăştur, which is held every year at the beginning of September, make a huge central square of the village traditional fair, with the participation of craftsmen in the area, representing an opportunity to show the games and songs Chioar. (E.L.)