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Located in Country Chioarului, Valley Cavnic, commune Copalnic Mănăştur invites you to taste the charm of life "in the country", old traditions and customs, with monuments and legends, with horincă and traditional dishes. Atestata in 1405, Copalnic village retains Mănăştur 16 Monumente istorice, archaeological sites and memorials, talking about the past of the area and allow visitors a quantum leap in, archaeological sites from the Bronze Age to see and Copalnic Mănăştur. Stroll through the village streets shaded by plum and apple trees, talk to local people about the "forest girl", waterfront whistle "Johnny, Johnny " (for here was made famous hit of George Sbârcea) and spin your wheels and playing with prelucanii in the barn like a rediscovery of ancient ritual life. Away from the busy life of the big city, We invite you to step into another country, that of the ancient calendar, with holidays and customs found ...


“Monuments and traditions from insidecountries”

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